Environmental Awareness of Resources Through Hands-on education

Mission Statement

The mission of the Spring Valley High School E.A.R.T.H. Club is to encourage environmental awareness and education, resource preservation, and ecology-based conservation that fosters responsible actions toward wildlife and related natural resources.


The goal of the Spring Valley High School E.A.R.T.H. Club is to assist learners of any age in developing awareness, knowledge, skills, and commitment that results in informed decisions, responsible behavior, and constructive actions concerning wildlife, natural resources, and the environment upon which all life depends.

SVHS Wolf Track Hiking Trail

We developed a 1.5 mile hiking and fitness trail that extends across the back of the school property. Two outdoor classrooms were also created to enhance science instruction. The trail is also used by the SVHS ROTC program, SVHS sports teams, and members of our community. See pictures below.

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